Working on photos

Hope all had an awesome weekend recently and have begun the new week with gusto and smiles!  I have been diligently working on my photos for my Etsy shop as I try and “calm” down my life; well that will never happen so let’s start with the photos.  Here are a few of the items for sale in my Etsy shop:

SAM_1712 SAM_1419 SAM_1607 SAM_2381 SAM_0900

Let’s not forget the motivational paintings I do either:  these are great for a college dorm!  And of course all can be purchased as prints as well.  Don’t see the listing, just ask. 

SAM_1876 (571x640) SAM_2027

And lastly, any comments on the new tarot listings?

Improving your finances Will this relationship work Mystic Understanding the situation

Well time to go work on some more photos.  Enjoy your day!


Free Daily Tarot Readings

I think I will call myself the tri-county blog this morning.  You see, over a decade ago I started a blogspot blog with poetry, photographs, my Etsy shop and featuring other Etsians (click here to enter).  But as I arrived close to the 1000 blog mark, I realized that my life had changed so much that it was time to start a new blog.  Thus my WordPress blog began a few months ago (the one you are reading).  You get updates of every blog once you have followed me here.  That means, you are aware of sales in my Etsy shop, many new items and overall life some days.  However, I wanted to be even more specific and keep one blog for Tarot.  Therefore, the weebly blog began.  (Click here to see.)  I liked this idea because I have a shop and a blog all in one place, as well as connecting straight to my Etsy shop for those who want to venture into other things I create.  The only problem is that people can only “Subscribe” to my Weebly site meaning that I have to put out a newsletter from a different site whenever I want to post something new for people.  But if you are following my daily tarot reads, you must remember to go there daily.  So……  here is my question to all of you:

DO you want me to put in my daily tarot here as well or maybe weekly to remind you all?  I am trying to discover what is the most beneficial for everyone. I try and ‘stream’ my work as much as possible so I am able to spend more time creating and reading for others.   Here is today’s reading to help you  decide.  They are also posted on my personal FaceBook page if you want to be my friend there.  You also get all my new items in my Etsy shop in my feed HERE or LIKE my FanPage  though you will miss the daily reads Click here Have a Blessed Day.


Today we pull the TWO of PENTACLES

The first thing we see in this card is a gentleman with tools in his hand standing over a table of smaller tools. You may also notice there are two large pentacles (stars) holding the table up and grape vines are around the door leading to this table.

This card signifies that today is a good day to use your finances wisely especially in terms of employment or career. You may find yourself needing to use a bit of your “savings” to get to where you want to be in your career. However, be careful and think wisely before making any decisions. Make sure that you make this decision considering your emotions as well as your finesses so you don’t find yourself juggling just to make ends meet n the future.

A Whirlwind of Activity

My life just seems to keep on spinning.  Someone gave me the awesome banner that you see now on this blog.  So I have been off changing banners, redoing business cards as well as changing my shop name on all the social sites and all my listings.  It is a slow process, but will get done.  I just LOVE my new shop name and banner!  In the background, I am trying to either sell or rent my home in Colorado, so have been taking phone calls left and right.  I am sure the perfect person will jump up and be the new renter/owner soon.  And on the sideline, have added more items to my shop.  Check these out!

SAM_2052 SAM_2026 SAM_1891 SAM_1612 SAM_1483SAM_1667

Yup, I am also helping my daughter to sell her cake pops!  So send me an email to and order those cake pops now!

Tarot Readings

Wow…. I haven’t posted here for a bit.  The reason is because I have been focusing on my new tarot blog:   here

However here is a teaser…..


Once again we pick a card of Swords indicating action is at hand.  The blue colors of the sky and the Pages’ robe represents peace and protection during this action which appears to be dealing with making more mature decisions as indicated by the Page.  

When a Page is drawn,  there may be good news ahead.  Opportunities may be opening up for you.  Legal matters may be falling into place for you.   You are being asked to “be aware” of your surroundings so that you do not miss these opportunities.  Pay attention to people around you.  Do not  neglect any possibility.  By keeping aware and leaving behind those “childish” notions, you may just find out that  your life is turning out for the better; that good things are happening today.   So with peace and protection of the blue robed Page, go beyond the jaggedness of the mountains below and go forward and conquer your world .
So if you want to follow there – go to the first page and subscribe to the mailing list –

Life is a Changing!

Well I have been here in New Mexico again for over a month, changed internet providers so now I have one that works, started adding more prints to my shop so why not a name change?  I am just waiting on Etsy now to see if I can change it to EnchantedRoseShop.   There were so many other names I liked, but others had beaten me to them already.  To demonstrate this change, someone is working on a banner for my shop and I am working on more tarot reading and more prints.  Check these out below and then:  Click here     If you don’t see what you want yet, just message me and I will list it for you.  working on various sizes as well.  Have an awesome rest of your summer.

watermarked-Clouds 09 20 12 003 watermarked-Clouds PM 08 22 12 002 watermarked-Clouds trees 10 10 13 003 watermarked-Flowers 05 06 12 002 watermarked-Morehawks072011004 watermarked-necklace & garden 04 24 12 027 watermarked-Noon walk 06 06 12 001 watermarked-Outdoor plants 06 06 12 002 watermarked-Petroglyph photo 05 28 12 005watermarked-9640686

Cake pops now available!

Well I haven’t introduced the cake pops to my Etsy shop yet, but if they do well on FaceBook then Etsy here we come.  Yes I said WE cuz my daughter is the one who makes them and I help her to promote them.  Starting at $15 a dozen, discounts for larger orders, custom orders and we will ship – sorry guys – only to the lower 48 states for now.    But please stroll over to her FaceBook page Julie’s Sweet Treats now:  click here

or contact me here or and while you are at it guess what????   All my original artwork is discounted 20% until the end of July to help her buy more products to make more cake pops. Once you taste them, you’ll understand why hers are better than those silly Starbucks one that cost twice the price!  You choose colors, decorations, type of cake etc.  and so much better at picnics and parties than all those paper plates, plastic forks and spoons that break.  Just eat and go!

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And for a teaser on those paintings or simply:  click here

watermarked-SAM_1579 - Copy watermarked-SAM_1025 - Copy watermarked-SAM_1042 watermarked-SAM_1053 watermarked-SAM_8324 (2) (2287x3000) watermarked-SAM_8514 (2) watermarked-SAM_8523 (2)