Social Media Chaos

Between my tarot blog and shop on weebly:  HERE  FaceBook Fan Page: HERE and Twitter HERE …..  then Pinterest HERE    ok I will stop but you get the drift….    oh and let’s not forget my Etsy Shop HERE I am in social media chaos and forgot to come HERE!  I have sent out my MailChimp newletter, emailed my friends, posted in teams everywhere including… yup… Google+  HERE but forgot to tell you all of my Black Friday – Cyber Monday sale happening SOON!

So starting this Wed, Nov 25th at 6 PM Mountain USA time until Dec. 1st at 6 AM, almost all in my shop will be marked 20% off – no codes etc to mess with at checkout.  All new items, older items, pet charms, photos, prints, jewelry, journals, bookmarks, key chains and more will already be marked 20% off the usual price.  Just check out.  Get your Christmas presents and choose the gift wrap item to have it all ready to go.  Convo me and I will mail it to the address of your choice as well.  If additional shipping I will let you know but lower 48 all remains the same.   Overseas?  No issue …. but hurry.  And yes it will cost a bit more but I can take care of everything.

Check out the entire shop:  Enter Here



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