October Bliss

Hello Autumn.  Wow another month!  I have been busy creating many new items for my Etsy shop but before we go there, this has been a whirlwind of a year so far for so many.   Not surprisingly, tarot readings in my Etsy shop are my best sellers recently.   Whether you want information regarding finances, love, relationships, career or how is my month going to go or maybe what do I need to focus on this month to get to my goal…  I offer over 30 different readings to the public on Etsy: HERE        Interested in chat?  Just check out my weebly site:  HERE

I will be blogging more on all the items I am getting ready to sell for Christmas, Hanukkah the New Year and beyond shortly but first to give you a taste of my weebly tarot Blog

2015 has been a year full of challenges for so many.  As we enter into the 4th and last quarter of this year, we are finally beginning to see some  success from all those difficult times with the Nine  of Cups.  We have had SuperMoons, Moon Eclipses and more this year.    So what does this month bring?


I am definitely feeling relieved by drawing this card today.  With major changes occurring around September 6th of this year and more coming up next week,  you should all begin to see answers to your prayers and good thing happening from all your hard work so far this year.  Your work isn’t over though, but by seeing your hard work begin to  show some success, it will be a lot easier to continue.  So jump on that  celebration well and let’s go into this last month of 2015!

Keep checking out that link for more daily blogs and get your own reading now!  Happy October!


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