Working on photos

Hope all had an awesome weekend recently and have begun the new week with gusto and smiles!  I have been diligently working on my photos for my Etsy shop as I try and “calm” down my life; well that will never happen so let’s start with the photos.  Here are a few of the items for sale in my Etsy shop:

SAM_1712 SAM_1419 SAM_1607 SAM_2381 SAM_0900

Let’s not forget the motivational paintings I do either:  these are great for a college dorm!  And of course all can be purchased as prints as well.  Don’t see the listing, just ask. 

SAM_1876 (571x640) SAM_2027

And lastly, any comments on the new tarot listings?

Improving your finances Will this relationship work Mystic Understanding the situation

Well time to go work on some more photos.  Enjoy your day!


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