Free Daily Tarot Readings

I think I will call myself the tri-county blog this morning.  You see, over a decade ago I started a blogspot blog with poetry, photographs, my Etsy shop and featuring other Etsians (click here to enter).  But as I arrived close to the 1000 blog mark, I realized that my life had changed so much that it was time to start a new blog.  Thus my WordPress blog began a few months ago (the one you are reading).  You get updates of every blog once you have followed me here.  That means, you are aware of sales in my Etsy shop, many new items and overall life some days.  However, I wanted to be even more specific and keep one blog for Tarot.  Therefore, the weebly blog began.  (Click here to see.)  I liked this idea because I have a shop and a blog all in one place, as well as connecting straight to my Etsy shop for those who want to venture into other things I create.  The only problem is that people can only “Subscribe” to my Weebly site meaning that I have to put out a newsletter from a different site whenever I want to post something new for people.  But if you are following my daily tarot reads, you must remember to go there daily.  So……  here is my question to all of you:

DO you want me to put in my daily tarot here as well or maybe weekly to remind you all?  I am trying to discover what is the most beneficial for everyone. I try and ‘stream’ my work as much as possible so I am able to spend more time creating and reading for others.   Here is today’s reading to help you  decide.  They are also posted on my personal FaceBook page if you want to be my friend there.  You also get all my new items in my Etsy shop in my feed HERE or LIKE my FanPage  though you will miss the daily reads Click here Have a Blessed Day.


Today we pull the TWO of PENTACLES

The first thing we see in this card is a gentleman with tools in his hand standing over a table of smaller tools. You may also notice there are two large pentacles (stars) holding the table up and grape vines are around the door leading to this table.

This card signifies that today is a good day to use your finances wisely especially in terms of employment or career. You may find yourself needing to use a bit of your “savings” to get to where you want to be in your career. However, be careful and think wisely before making any decisions. Make sure that you make this decision considering your emotions as well as your finesses so you don’t find yourself juggling just to make ends meet n the future.

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