A Whirlwind of Activity

My life just seems to keep on spinning.  Someone gave me the awesome banner that you see now on this blog.  So I have been off changing banners, redoing business cards as well as changing my shop name on all the social sites and all my listings.  It is a slow process, but will get done.  I just LOVE my new shop name and banner!  In the background, I am trying to either sell or rent my home in Colorado, so have been taking phone calls left and right.  I am sure the perfect person will jump up and be the new renter/owner soon.  And on the sideline, have added more items to my shop.  Check these out!

SAM_2052 SAM_2026 SAM_1891 SAM_1612 SAM_1483SAM_1667

Yup, I am also helping my daughter to sell her cake pops!  So send me an email to ariel2424@msn.com and order those cake pops now!


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