Summer Solstice

Pray all are having an awesome summer solstice if you are in the Northern Hemisphere.  I started writing poetry when I was 10 years old and have written through the years, even publishing a self -published book and several handmade books. However, my life took a journey that it wasn’t expecting and my writing came to a stop.  Now I can say that with this move back to New Mexico, USA that I am back in my realm.  Today I sat outside before it got too hot and I wrote for the summer solstice and would like to share with you.


The heavens opened through the gates allowing God’s love to reign supreme.
Sun shone, moon rose…  Mother Earth was once again aglow.
Angels cheered and sang out loud giving praise to the crowd….

the crowd of people far and near singing Hallelujah with out a fear

to their God, their Creator, Giver of life, the Supreme Being…

Giving us free will of living and breathing.

Hallelujah to Mother Earth, to Her love that holds us in check.

May we love Her and love ourselves…  enjoy the sun, moon and stars…

the air we breathe, the forest deep as we celebrate the summer solstice

And always remember to sow before we reap.

God Bless.

May our Mother Earth hold you and yours in the bosom of her heart.


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