Crazy June

I remember when I was young and I always imagined life slowing down as I got older.  I used to watch the “old folk” sitting in the park feeding the pigeons in movies or strolling down the boulevard.  So why at 58 am I moving again to a whole different state , revamping my Etsy shop and starting a new chapter in my life?  Well the answer is simple in my mind this world is just spinning too quickly.  With my philosophy of the day professed, let me extend my Sunday sale (today June 14th, 2015) sale to you.  All items in clearance, household items and photography sections are marked at 40% off.  But the listings automatically go back to their usual price at midnight central time, USA, tonight.  My last mailings are going out tomorrow.  The next time it will be New Mexico, USA and no more Colorado.  I do love the SouthWest!

So here are a few samples and some may already be gone. 

Just click here to see everything:   Here
SAM_9710 SAM_9712 SAM_7049 SAM_7650 SAM_7302 SAM_0489SAM_0486 SAM_7331


6 thoughts on “Crazy June

  1. Vallee –
    Your things are just lovely and I wish you the best in lightening your load as well as your move! I am just so excited for you to get settled in your new place and be close to your daughter and grandkids!


  2. I love your shop a lot! I have a question for you about your products. Could you please contact me by using the form on my blog? Thank you so much.


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